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Nutanix Computing Platform

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Nutanix Computing Platform is an innovative and disruptive solution that consolidates the level of processing (server) and the level of storage in a single integrated appliance.

Nutanix uses the same principles design and technologies that are the basis for innovative applications such as Google, Facebook and Amazon. 

The solution Nutanix is radically simpler than the traditional infrastructure:


  •  Reduced time of commissioning
  •  No interruption of the ongoing operations
  •  Highly scalable and simply
  •  Reduces the cost and complexity of storage
  •  Works with legacy components, protecting existing investments
  •  Provides advanced capabilities of enterprise-class storage

The building-block modular design lets start with the minimum configuration of three nodes and grow incrementally until you reach considerable size of the cluster. With an appliance you can manage both small organizations and large deployments of desktop and server virtualization projects or Big Data.

Nutanix Computing Platform integrates the resources of high-performance server with enterprise-class storage in a single appliance to 2 rack-unit.
It eliminates the need for network-based storage architecture, such as a storage area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS).

The scalability and performance, typically the preserve of the largest data centers worldwide, are now available to everyone.

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