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Datacenter Virtualization

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Server Virtualization


The architecture of today's x86 server lets you run one operating system at a time. Server virtualization removes the constraint of traditional architecture "one to one" x86 server through abstraction of the operating system and applications from the physical hardware, creating a server more efficient in terms of cost, agile and simplified. With server virtualization you can run multiple operating systems on a single physical server in the form of virtual machines, each of which leads to the computing resources of the underlying server.


Server virtualization allows you to take full advantage of powerful x86 servers today. Most server uses less than 15% of capacity. This not only causes a serious problem of inefficiency but also involves a server sprawl and complexity. VMware vSphere provides a comprehensive platform for server virtualization warrants that:


  •  An increase in the use of server resources by up to 80%
  •  Savings of up to 50% on operating costs and capital
  •  A report by server consolidation of 10 to 1 or better




To deep your knowledge about the virtualization tecnology, refer to the following link