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Identity Security and Access Governance

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Identity & Access Governance

Microline has gained experience on the theme of "Identity Management" and that of "Access Governance" of authorizations to corporate resources.

The "Identity Management" automates processes that involve people for everything that has to do with access to computing resources such as create, change and termination functions of corporate credentials.
The corporate user profile information to be considered "valid", generally coming from the office staff, allow you to apply the rules that perform the task of enabling / disabling the systems involved.
The activation of the concept of "role" can allow you to group ratings and simplify the processes of "provisioning" and "de-provisioning."

The "Access Governance" allows you to:

  •  Show to anyone who is interested in the status of the ratings in the staff enjoys
  •  Demonstrate the "compliance" access checking in time the process
  •  Produce reports in line with the regulations and with the demands of auditors
  •  Identify and manage corporate roles

According to the experience of Microline is essential to establish with the client the goals that push the company to approach the issue of identity management.

Using a proper planning it is possible to obtain useful results in a short time so as to create the necessary climate within the company to continue the development of the project and future phases.

You can tackle projects in stages, also distinct, so that the customer can get a development time of the project is that of the attached budget.